parents Testimonials

Hi, We have found this Royal Public School a very dynamic institute, implemented many initiatives in their Academic Curriculum, which has made it attractive for us and their indulgence with every child are appreciated. We have enjoyed many PTM with this school, especially Learning Day, Arts & Science Examination & many more to list. Keep such good initiatives in future too, Thank You

mrs. sayeeda tabasum (Mother, bangalore)

I feel so blessed every day that my kids go to the Royal Public School, HBR Layout. You have managed to do what I assumed could not be done in a school environment. One thing I realized during my Daugherty's current year there, was how kind and responsible she had become not only for himself, but for friends, family and relatives. The school works as a community to really develop great responsibility, sensitivity, and resourcefulness in the students. Keep it up.

mr. furkan (father, bangalore)

Hello, No other school in Bangalore, no other faculty, holds your family’s cares so close to heart as Royal Public School do, I know the Management personally and the way they put on efforts to make it successful. What more can any family possibly want for their child? For the first time in our life, our SON is totally happy with her education and everything in his life. We wish we met you earlier. Thanks

mrs. aisha siddiqa (mother, bangalore)

We all in our family are very happy to have our beloved in Royal School. The enthusiasm, courage, very good staff and high quality all in one at the Achievers School. We highly recommend this school for every family.  We found fantastic changes in her due to school’s hard work towards each student and to build their good leadership qualities and social awareness. The different programs held at school are wonderful and each program is a new learning experience to children and parents as well. Thanks to The Royal Public School, HBR Layout

mr. vishal (father, bangalore)

Hi, Our son is a student at The Royal Public School. His experience began as a 3-year-old and he is now in his 6th-grade year. The faculty is the heart of the school, truly remarkable. The Head of School is a hidden gem. The environment is welcoming, clean and cared for.  He has thrived academically, is an independent thinker with a healthy self confidence and good character. Our experience for nearly 7 years convinces us that this was/is the best choice we could have made for our son. It's worth the investment, you won't find the better school in and around HBR Layout.

mrs. sarvar jahan begum (mother, bangalore)

I believe the whole curriculum is great. What my son needed was a challenge and an opportunity to show his abilities. That’s what Connections Academy offers. I think using the technology/laboratory on a daily basis is giving my child an advantage educationally and knowledge about advance technologies. When she leaves school and enters the workforce, she will have stronger computer skills.

The curriculum is enhanced by the computer-based science labs, the use of technology for completing work, and the online resources.

mrs. syeda tabassum  (mother, bangalore)

WOW! This school is perfect for my son. He has improved dramatically not only in his studies, but also in his overall health. He is more outgoing, likes to do his classwork, and is more motivated to do his classwork. This school is the best of the best.

The support of the teachers has been outstanding. They are willing to try new things and help my child grow and learn at her own pace. They also value and respect my input as a parent. Loved It !

Mr. suffian ahmed (father, bangalore)

Hello Everyone, I like the fact that the teachers and staff are very caring. They give my student more individualized attention than he had before. Royal has been our partner in parenting and educating our children in daily life. The values that are important to us are reflected in our school family, dedication and proactive education which competes today's present world. We are blessed to belong to the Royal Public School Community. Great Work, Thank You.

mrs. swapna hare  (father, bangalore)

Hi, Our child started Royal Public School in 2nd grade. We were worried about the transition, but it was the best move we made for our daughter. The most amazing part for us is the Cooperative Managements & high skilled Teachers. I find it incredible to show up at school every morning and have the Teachers know my child by name. She really takes an interest in getting to know each child & their personal interests in order to build their skills and learning academy curriculum. Congratulation! 

mrs. Numaira Khan (Mother, Bangalore)