The pandemic created an uncertain situation, and at this difficult time parents had to take up the role of a home teacher for their kids. For many of us, it was quite a challenging task. But at the same time, it was a need of the hour to ensure the academic growth of our kids. Teaching kids at home needs a mindful planning. And many of us need assistance in the planning part of this home-based teaching and learning endeavor.

Today, we have some tips and strategies that can help you to plan your child’s home education better.


1. Try to Stick to Schedules

A study planner would let you organize your schedule, and even help you to teach your kids to self study.
‘Study Planners’ are a perfect choice for organizing your home-based learning. You can simply jot down all that you wish to cover in a day. And keep a checklist handy to ensure that it is done. All this will help you to keep a track of the daily planning, execution, covered topics, and pendency. And this will be easy and time-saving for both, you and the child as well.

You can also download a couple of planners and schedule charts from the internet. It’s also a great idea to simply use an application readily available from any of the App Stores (free of cost).

2. Focus on Family Bond

Family bonding will help you to get comfortable with your kids, and make it a lot easier to teach children at home.
Homebased learning can be immensely fruitful if the family members have a good rapport. Try to create strong family bonds. And make way for great relationships by spending quality time with the family members.

Family values and intrinsic discipline models can be quite helpful while dealing with kids at home. Because this is the basis of their intrinsic motivation that helps them to succeed academically at any stage, later in life.

Try to nurture the kids with compassion and a sense of self-worth. And ensure that the home atmosphere is positive and happy all the time.

Remember that strong relationships in the family helps in improving a child’s academic performance. Because kids become more confident and emotionally stable in a family that has close relationships. And at this time when all of us have faced the uncertain and challenging situation of the pandemic, this sense of security (due to good family bonds) is even more important for our kids.

3. Make Use of Online Resources

While being at home, it is easy to feel irritated and overburdened at times. Try to maintain a work-life balance. And do not expect any unrealistic miracles overnight. The best way to reduce your additional burden is by using some online learning resources to teach your kids. You can download these and create worksheets for your child’s additional practice work.

There are a lot of fun things available online that can help you teach kids at home with the help of online resources.
Nowadays, the internet has loads of free content and high-quality instructional material readily available for use. This element of online schooling will make your child’s education more fun and fruitful. And at the same time, both you and the child will get a chance to sharpen your digital skills for the upcoming stages of formal education. You can also use the online resources shared by reputed schools, or international agencies.

4. Have Backup Plans and Stay Strong

Just like any other part of life, nothing is 100% foolproof and certain with your kid’s learning at home. Be ready for days when your plans will not materialize the way they should. The best that you can do is to prepare a schedule and follow it religiously.

If you pre-plan your week with a backup window, it will be easy to combat any unforeseen circumstances. You can simply devote a couple of hours on the light days. And sit a day prior for a quick recap of all that is missed or needs extra attention from your side.

These tips are definitely going to help you. But you must keep a backup window for your schedules if something arises.
Plan ahead well for all these rough days when your schedules will be upset because of some reason or the other. And have faith in yourself that you will be able to manage it all well. Try to stay calm in all situations and manage your emotions well. Because your attitude towards organizing things and facing hardships is an inspiration for the child as well.

5. Manage Behavior Issues Well

Your plans for teaching kids at home need a strong baseline of discipline. One of the best qualities of a perfect teacher is managing the behavioral issues of the students. So, create simple rules at home, and make sure these are followed.

Try to set clear expectations. And never forget to reward good behavior (for positive reinforcement). Try the strategies used in top accredited online schools. Because these are based on the researched theories of educational psychologists and top academicians. Your effort should be on the development of intrinsic motivation. Because this is the best way of preparing them for the upcoming stages of school years.

Managing the kids is a crucial aspect while teaching children at home. Make sure you manage their behavior and help them in achieving a morally acceptable attitude towards others.

Your kids should know what all is expected of them. And they should be comfortable in following the rules set from your side. Involve your kids in the decision-making process while creating this discipline framework at home. As this will help them to follow these rules wholeheartedly.


Your planning and pro-activeness can build a strong base for home-based learning. And very soon you will be able to see the result of your hard work shaping up. Follow these simple tips, be a role model for your child, and your home-based teaching endeavor will turn out to be super successful and happy very soon!